Whether you need to monitor company vehicles, employee mileage, or have peace of mind in the event of a theft, Medallion GPS has you covered.

Medallion GPS is easily installed in as little as 5 minutes and connects to your vehicles OBD-II port. The packaging includes a step-by-step installation guide for this plug and play device that can easily be installed while maintaining access to the OBD-II port. Detailed drive data reports show various driver score points and useful history such as speed traveled over a distance, location history, miles until next scheduled maintenance, and alerts to keep you up to date on so much more!

Nearest Vehicle


  • Stealth Installation
    Our special harness allows you to easily conceal your Medallion GPS in the vehicle, so it’s not easily discovered or removed
  • Location Updates
    Your vehicle’s location is updated every time the ignition turns on and off, as well as every 5 minutes while driving, so you’ll always know its current location
  • Text & E-Mail Notifications
    Various alert settings allow you to get notified for updates such as: low battery, speeding, ignition on/off, and boundary crossings
  • Insurance Discounts (check policy for eligibility)
    Having a Medallion GPS installed in your vehicle may qualify you for an anti-theft device discount with your insurance provider
  • Starter Disable (Interrupt)
    Notifications when the vehicle begins moving (ignition on) and when it’s come to a stop (ignition off)

Route Optimization


The following alerts are available:

  • Low Battery Alerts
    Set the desired voltage alert threshold to receive a notification when the vehicle battery drops below the set value
  • Speeding Alerts
    Set the desired speed alert threshold
  • Boundary Alerts
    Set a geofence and receive notifications when the vehicle enters or exits a set boundary created on your dashboard

Available add-ons. Contact us for details.