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Real-Time GPS Tracking for Dealerships


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Vehicle Recovery & Profit Center

Dealers now have the ability to quickly capture the VIN, run vehicle inventory reports, and perform spot checks remotely for battery levels, mileage and maintenance.

Also, by creating boundaries, speed alerts, & low-battery alerts, you will also be able to better ensure the integrity of your vehicle’s on or off the lot

With five minute Real-Time tracking, Service Managers will now be able to better manage their loaner/rental vehicles by having the ability to see where the vehicle’s current location is at anytime by using the web or our mobile application.

Inventory Management System

Keep Track of Your New, Used & Loaner Vehicle Inventory

Our Inventory Management System (IMS) provides dealers with a satellite view of their assets through mobile device or computer.

An inventory management system is the combination of technology (hardware and software) and processes and procedures that oversee the monitoring and maintenance of stocked products, whether those products are company assets, raw materials and supplies, or finished products ready to be sent to vendors or end consumers. With our IMS system, keep track of your vehicles, lot management, battery levels, and miles drives all remotely using our mobile application and website.

Know who is demonstrating vehicles, for how long, and what vehicles were demonstrated the most.

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